August 10, 2022 Community Info Session

On Wednesday August 10, 2022 Honey Creek Wind held a community information session that featured live presentations by experts in wind energy siting, sound, health, safety, construction, and environmental considerations. The event also featured a question and answer session where the moderator asked questions submitted by those in the audience.

Speakers at the event included:

  • Carmen O'Keefe – Senior Development Manager, Apex Clean Energy (Project Overview)
  • Nate Pedder – Senior Development Manager, Apex Clean Energy (OPSB Process)
  • Isacc Old – Senior Consultant, Acoustics, RSG, Inc. (Wind Turbine Sound)
  • Marcel Mibus – Energy Assessment Manager, Apex Clean Energy (Turbine Siting)
  • Dr. Jeff Ellenbogen (Wind Energy & Health)
  • Jason Conley – Health and Safety Manager, Apex Clean Energy (Safety)
  • James Stovall Senior Construction Site Manager, Apex Clean Energy (Construction)
  • Goni Iskali – Senior Environmental Permitting Manager, Apex Clean Energy (Environment and Wildlife)

Questions that weren't answered at the event and responses to them may be seen here: Outstanding question and answer log


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